Starting next week, Richland residents who have unwanted textile (clothing-shoes, etc) items will be able to leave them out on garbage day, and they will be collected.

A new partnership between Goodwill Industries of Tri-Cities, the City of Richland, and Clayton-Ward Recycling Center will greatly help increase donations for the center.

Richland residents will be given a bright orange bag, that can be filled with clothing, shoes, purses, belts, books, or other textile items, even if they are in poor condition. Then, they leave them curbside along with their garbage cans.

These orange bags will be collected. For each donation, a new bag will be mailed to the residents who donate and fill out the information card that comes with it. Not only will this greatly help out Goodwill, but Richland city officials say this will make a significant reduction in the amount of items that end up in the city landfill. Often, people throw away items that could actually be recycled or re-purposed at Goodwill.

Other items not covered by the orange bag curbside donation can still be donated at Goodwill drop off centers around the Tri-Cities.

To get more information on the project for Richland residents, click here.

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