State Senator Mark Schoesler (R-Ritzville) says the Seattle City Council has violated the state Constitution by approving a 'head' tax' or jobs tax. The council voted 8-1 to place a $275 dollar tax on each employee of businesses who gross $20 million or more annually. The tax would go into effect in 2019. The money would supposedly be used to fight the city's rampant homeless problem.

Schoesler says the City Council gets it's power to tax from the state, and because the Legislature did not approve the jobs tax, it's null and void. He's already created legislation that would override such a tax, and likely prevent any other city from passing one.

Schoesler says he's already heard from, and had discussions with, Seattle business leaders about the issue. Schoesler says he's received widespread support for his bill, but he's not sure if the Senate Democrats will allow such a vote outside of the legislative session.



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