On the heels of stories and news about the Washington State Department of Licensing reportedly providing information to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and other Federal Immigration officials, Gov. Inslee Friday stated he's hired a Special Assistant. The agency reportedly has responded to ICE and other Federal requests for data and information.

Michelle Gonzalez is a University of Washington professor, and attorney who teaches at the school's Evans School of Public Policy. She will begin her six-month term next week.

Inslee signed an executive order last year that will decrease the 'likelihood' that state agencies will provide information to Federal immigration officials, and as he said in essence, protecting immigrant residents. Now, this new official will oversee state agencies and basically ensure that ICE efforts to obtain data are met with resistance.

Inslee's Executive Order claims that information obtained from state agencies could be used by the Trump Administration to single out Muslims, Hispanics, or other 'targeted' populations.

Inslee claims the state will continue to cooperate with investigations involving ICE concerning known or suspected criminals or others who are deemed to pose a threat to citizens. However, he all but said the state will stop cooperating in any way in the regular pursuit and deportation of known illegals.

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