The plan looks like a photocopy of Obama's failed 2008 green jobs initiative.

At a press conference in San Francisco Monday,  Gov. Jay Inslee, along with the governors of CA, OR, and the Premier of British Columbia,  announced the signing of what they called the Pacific Coast Action Plan on Climate and Energy.

Much of the plan echoes Obama's failed plan to create millions of clean energy jobs, and the plan also "commits" WA and OR to the same controversial vehicle emission standards that are now wreaking havoc in California:

 "Transition the West Coast to clean modes of transportation and reduce the large share of greenhouse gas emissions from this sector with actions to:
1) Adopt and maintain low-carbon fuel standards in each jurisdiction.
Oregon and Washington will adopt low-carbon fuels standards, and California and British Columbia will maintain their existing standards." (bold added for emphasis).

Another cleverly worded passes in the plan is almost chilling when it comes to energy creation by traditional (hydropower, coal, nuclear etc) means:

"Support strong federal policy on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.
The governments of California, British Columbia, Oregon and Washington will support the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s initiative to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and emphasize the importance of allowing state flexibility to design ambitious reduction programs within this regulation. Our jurisdictions will also coordinate and provide joint testimony in federal proceedings on greenhouse gas emissions when appropriate."

In layman's terms, this means they will be eager to jump on the bandwagon if the federal government decides to "go after" an energy producer over greenhouse gasses.  Putting it more strongly, they will be ready to help bully energy producers into submission with these new policies. (Remember Obama's promise to bankrupt the coal industry?).

While it's ambitious,  the one thing that these leaders have failed to grasp is,  all the money dropped on green energy by Obama came from you, the taxpayer.   So far, according to the American Enterprise Institute - utilizing data from the Department of Energy's Loan Programs Office - each permanent green job since 2009 has cost U.S. taxpayers $11.5 million per job!     And we cannot forget the two big solar energy companies that showed -0- return,  Abound and Solyndra, who both went bankrupt.

Gov. Inslee has been strongly emphasizing he wants a carbon tax or cap-and-trade plan for Washington state,   now this new climate change agreement comes about.   The plan does say at the end it is not "legally binding", but that means nothing, really.  It doesn't stop Inslee and the other leaders from continuing to adopt climate policies that will chew up taxpayer dollars,  cause businesses to shrink and fail due to costs, and create phony energy jobs that won't have any real effect on the economy.

It's pretty sad to see a group of leaders so blindly pursuing policies that have already failed, based upon science that's already been disproven,  and fail to see the future economic effects it will have on the economies of their own states and provinces.


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