Inslee apparently considered the controversial Senate gun bill "common sense."

Governor Jay Inslee issued the following statement after Obama's White House tirade over the defeat of Senate Bill S. 649:

Earlier today I heard President Obama say it was a ‘pretty shameful day in Washington’ D.C. because of the failure of the Senate to pass common sense gun safety legislation. I was hoping that here in the other Washington we could do better. But by day’s end it is clear that our state Senate let yet another deadline pass without taking a vote on common sense gun safety legislation.


“Washingtonians would be right to be bitterly disappointed. The lack of a vote on a bill that would keep guns from perpetrators of domestic violence comes on top of the Legislature’s failure to allow a vote on a bill that would help keep guns out of the hands of felons. Neither the House nor Senate has taken a vote on the bill to require background checks, and yet no one has offered a good reason why that bill should not become law in the state of Washington

Inslee went on to say :

But we should not and will not quit. I will keep pushing lawmakers in both houses and in both parties to bring this legislation up for a vote and take a step toward reducing gun violence in our state.

If you read it carefully, you see the same buzzwords used on Capitol Hill.  Common-sense gun control.    What Inslee and others fail to realize is, all the backround checks, taxes, national registries and controls will NOT stop felons or criminals from obtaining weapons.

 It will only infringe further upon the 2nd. Amendment rights of Americans.

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