It appears that almost every month, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee is involved in, or leading, another green energy or environmental summit, meeting or round table.   Our question is: when is he going to have one dedicated to our economy?

Now, folks in Inslee's administration will try to tie green energy/environment to jobs and a "green economy."   But we cannot recall the last time there was any significant meeting, round-table or conference dedicated to finding ways to improve and grow our economy from a strictly economic and business standpoint.  We began to ponder this question after receiving this media advisory about an upcoming environmental "meeting."

Newstalk 870 received the following today, as we are on Inslee's email list:

ADVISORY: Gov. Inslee to join EPA Administrator and local leaders for clean energy roundtable and media avail

 Gov. Jay Inslee will meet with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy in Seattle at the Bullitt Center tomorrow, May 22. They will attend a roundtable discussion with local elected officials, business leaders and others to discuss climate change and development of a clean energy economy. The governor, administrator and others will hold a media availability following that discussion. Bullitt Foundation CEO Denis Hayes will then provide a tour to roundtable participants. The tour is open to press. (Bold lettering added for emphasis).

Gov. Inslee meeting with the EPA.  We can't wait to hear the outcome of this one!  We remember during his campaign, Inslee touted his Building a Working Washington plan when he was running for governor.  Anyone remember that?   Here's an actual quote from his election website:

"We’re going to change the culture of Olympia. My administration will be a jobs-and-economy focused administration."

And yet,  less than two years into his administration,  the only thing we're hearing about from the governor is plan after plan centered around building a green economy by leaning on unproven technology.  Technology and ideas that have already cost Americans hundreds of millions of wasted tax dollars on the well over 100 green energy companies (Solyndra included) that have gone bankrupt by way of The Stimulus Act.

We've got the pending shock of a probable Executive Order on low-carbon fuels that will skyrocket gas prices,   and Inslee is bent on honoring the requirements of a controversial environmental "pact" he signed onto with CA, OR and British Columbia.

Numerous legislative experts and critics say Inslee is more focused on his legacy of being the "greenest" U.S. governor in history, rather than doing whatever is necessary (even if he doesn't agree with it) to grow the state's economy and lower taxes to spur job creation.   He favors extravagant increases in the already highest minimum wage in America as well.

This reminds us of a military general who launches a frontal assault on a fort and fails, sustaining numerous casualties.   He then repeats the attack, each time adding more soldiers, but still failing.   One would think he would learn from his mistake.  We all make mistakes - but failing to learn from them and repeating the same behavior makes us foolish.

His insurance commissioner is now being accused of a significant coverup in the implementation of Obamacare through the Healthcare exchange.  So much for jobs and economy, and changing the culture in Olympia.