Gov. Inslee held a press conference Monday, addressing the widespread riots, burning and violence that wracked Seattle, Olympia, Spokane and other cities.

While a number of civil calm marches took place, there appeared to be a 'pattern' of agitators (many news reports blame Antifa members) showing up near the end of marches, or even blending in, and then creating widespread violence. It also appeared several groups acted independently and created riots in some areas.

Inslee addressed the riot situations, and the use of the National Guard. He then launched into another version of what he has done several times in the past. He claims COVID-19 has "exposed" the social "inequities" in Washington state, and his recovery efforts are targeted towards reversing that situation.

He said the infection rates among Black and Hispanic populations are significantly higher than non-minorities.

Inslee commented at the 18:28 mark that "this has been a hard time for the state of Washington, and it's been the hardest on communities of color."

He also included the Commanding General of the Washington State National Guard in the conference. At the 27:36 mark of the video, the General was asked if arming the National Guard was the next option. Inslee had sent in several hundred to Seattle, and now Bellevue to help local police, the fact they were unarmed was alarming to many citizens.

The General said basically they (the Guard) arm themselves in response to the level of threat that is in front of them.  While looting and stealing were certainly crimes, officials did not see the need to have the Guard members carrying rifles.

To watch the press conference for yourself, click on the button below.

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