Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Jay Inslee urged local and regional manufacturers to consider joining the fight against COVID-19 by looking at their operations, and determining if they have the capability of producing needed medical protection supplies.

Inslee said masks, gloves and gowns were especially needed to protect the growing numbers of healthcare workers dealing with the virus. He invoked history of Washington state saying factories built "B-29 bombers and Naval Minesweepers" in our state, and asked if manufacturers could consider retrofitting their operations to help in the medical effort.

He was joined by a couple of business leaders, one of whom runs an outdoor hunting tactical gear supply company, who has moved their production of gloves for hunters and the military to medical gloves for workers.

Inslee also, while thanking the Federal government, got in some thinly-veiled shots at Trump and the Feds about what he felt was a lack of response on their part--despite billions in aid coming to our state in the very near future as well as medical supplies.

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