Gov. Jay Inslee Friday afternoon held another press conference, where he again offered no "guidance" or information about any possible relaxing of the 'fist' that is surrounding Washington's private sector economy, concerning COVID-19.

Inslee presented several graphs showing projections of where we will be COVID death and case wise if we continue social distancing, it shows almost no cases by the end of April.  Two other graphs showed projections of where we would be if social distancing is abandoned, and a 3rd graph showing supposedly what would happen if we returned to 'normal' tomorrow.  The graphs were reportedly produced by the University of Washington, which has come under criticism recently for erroneous projections of death tolls early on in the crisis as well as over-inflated projections that led to those never used mobile hospitals that were set up and then taken down in Seattle --without ever having seen a patient.

While acknowledging Good Friday and the important of family this weekend, (without mentioning Easter), Inslee's tone again came across as stern and chastising when reminding people of the need to avoid groups or regular activities.

Inslee said Washington residents have learned how to live "productive lives" despite the Stay at Home edict.  He then presented several public officials, including the Mayor of Yakima, to present their "thoughts" on how we travel and recreate and why social distancing needs to remain.

And again, no mention of any possible relaxing of the reigns on construction, some retail, or other business.

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