A pair of controversial (and potentially unconstitutional) gun bills are awaiting Gov. Jay Inslee's signature in Olympia.

Despite no votes and opposition from many Eastern Washington and Tri-City area legislators, including Rep. Brad Klippert, House Bill (HB) 1225 and 1465 passed the House and Senate.

HB1225 is perhaps the most controversial. It would require law enforcement officers to confiscate ALL weapons found in a home where they respond to a Domestic Violence call--even if they or it belongs to the VICTIM.  They would be kept for a minimum of 5 days.

Supporters say this would prevent the suspect from committing any future acts of violence using a weapon, apparently forgetting the fact that a DV suspect is not likely to return to the home. Opponents say this is disarming victims, and several women's rights and Domestic Violence support groups opposed the idea.

Rep. Brad Klippert is also against HB1465, which would add an even longer waiting period for a person who obtains a Concealed Pistol Permit (CPL) to have to wait to take possession of their weapon. Klippert says it's pointless, the person has already had to pass a series of thorough backround checks.

He and opponents say it's just another attempt by anti-gun activists to deny citizens their 2nd Amendment rights. But despite the opposition, the Democrat controlled legislature passed them anyway.

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