Gov. Jay Inslee has lofty ambitions for the 2020 session, but one of the more eye-catching proposals he has is to create an office of "Equity."

Inslee, on his governor's website, listed claims about alleged inequality experienced by women, various ethnic groups and more. He also mentioned how inequality racially reportedly affects criminal sentencing in our justice system.

Inslee's website listed these plans for his Office of Equity, if it comes to fruition:

"The governor’s budget proposals will:

  • Create a statewide equity office.
  • Roll out statewide diversity, equity and inclusion training for state employees and educators.
  • Increase the pool of minority-owned businesses qualified for public contracting and improve state contracting practices."

His office said he also plans to unveil new environmental plans, but none of these appeared to be included in his online plans at the website. No word on how much the Office of Equity will cost. The office will also develop programs Inslee says will offer opportunities and protections for gender inclusion as well.

To see what he wants to do this legislative session, click on the button below.

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