Each week, the Washington State Department of Health releases updates on activity concerning all workers who practice or work in a medical field that's overseen by the department. These include suspension, revocations, and other issues.

This week the department announced one that caught a lot of people's eyes. A Grant County Home Medical Health Care Aide has had her credentials and license suspended permanently for having used a fake Social Security number when she applied.

Carmen Blanchet Ochoa was formally charged by the Department in June of this year when a check revealed the number was not valid. Ochoa applied for the credential in 2016, but it was discovered later the SSN was not valid.

According to Health Department paperwork, Ochoa was served or sent the standard paperwork outlining the accusations as well as the appeals process, but she did not respond. It was sent to her last known address. It is not known if she has left the area.

Then this week, her WA state credential was permanently suspended.

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