Who needs million-dollar overpaid athletes, when you can watch youth football leaving it all on the field?

Tonight, starting at 3pm at Lampson,  the Kennewick Grid Kids Youth football league will present their annual Super Bowl championship games for the five different levels.

Kennewick Grid Kids are much like the youth football found in Pasco, Richland and other communities across the country.    Kennewick has five levels,  E, D, C, B, and A.   Boys and girls as young as 6-7 years old start with E squad,  up through 12-13 year olds on A.

The league as 8 teams, each with the five different squads.  There are the Colts, Tigers, Bears, Coyotes, Panthers, Huskies, Rams and Eagles. During the regular season,  each team at each level plays 7 games.   Every Saturday starting in early September through late October, hundreds of parents, friends and relatives line the sidelines of the 3 football fields at the Eastgate Complex on 10th Ave. in Kennewick, right next to the Fairgrounds.

The top 4 of 8 teams at each level make the playoffs.   If you make it, you have one playoff game, and if you win, you play in the Super Bowl under the lights at Lampson! It's an exciting thrill for all of them.  Players on the winning and runner-up teams get very nice plaques celebrating the event.   There's also a Founder's Trophy that goes to the organization who has the most wins during the season among their five teams.

My son Dhylan was fortunate enough to play with a core group of about 10 other boys who were on the same team moving up over the last 5 seasons.  His teams made it to the playoffs all but one year, and Super Bowl twice, but didn't win.   But he still had the time of his life, made some great friends, and loved it!     It's an experience our family would recommend for any youth in Kennewick who loves football.   There are dozens of great coaches throughout the league, and your son or daughter will learn the fundamentals of playing football the right way, and have fun doing it.

It has a long-lasting influence on players.   Dhylan's team, and the rest of the Colts, practiced at Southridge High School, and  many of the Suns players were in the Grid Kids program.   They would often stop by just to say hi to the coaches, and visit.

The games start today at 3pm.  Admission is just $1 per person, and by the time the A game is wrapped up later this evening,  there will have been several thousand parents, family and fans who have attended.   Information about the league, signups etc are available at the Grid Kid website.

So come out and watch perhaps some of the future Friday night stars playing tonight, under the lights, at Lampson Stadium in Kennewick.   It's amazing to watch how over the years the players on our team and those from other teams we've become friends with have grown and matured, and much of it's due to their experiences with youth football.   Amazing how Dhylan has grown from the guy we called "Little Man" (seen below) into a big, fast kid who's almost as tall as I am!

5 years goes by pretty fast!
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