Pasco police are investigating what appears to be recent attempts to 'scare' or bully people into sending money to suspects, who are trying to coerce the people by sending them shocking videos of murders and dismemberment.

The videos have been received by Hispanic people via the WhatsApp, and the threats have been in Spanish. The videos show at least seven slender men, who look to be of Central American or Middle Eastern origin, lying on the ground bleeding. Three of them appear to have been hacked with large knives. The location appears to be a back alley or run down street next to a large building wall. So far, no idea where it may be.

Officials are not sure if the suspects are even in the U.S. or overseas.

The victims are believed to be told to send money through untraceable methods, such as a money order. None of the victims know anything about the videos or those involved. It's not clear if the suspects are threatening the victims directly or claiming those in the picture are friends or relatives of theirs.

Anyone who receives such a video is urged to contact Pasco Police immediately, at (509)-545-3421. Detective Romero is the investigating officer.

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