Provided they meet the "criteria" set forth in part of Gov. Inslee's "Safe Start" Program, restaurants and bars can partially resume their activities of serving the public Monday May11.

Part of the memo reads as follows:

"After consulting with stakeholders, we have developed the comprehensive Phase 2 – Dine-In Restaurant and Tavern Industry COVID-19 Requirements. These requirements apply as long as Gubernatorial Proclamation 20-25, or any extension thereof, is in effect or if adopted as rules by a federal, state or local regulatory agency."

Exactly who these "stakeholders" are is the three Advisory Groups Inslee set up, the 26 people we profiled earlier, especially the economic group.

Provided restaurants and bars meet all the criteria, they can re-open--somewhat. It won't be what you are used to, normal life, but at least they are generating more business.

To see the actual "guidance" for yourself, click on the button below.

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