A pair of companion bills appear to have failed to move this legislature, concerning firearms legislation.

   Firearm safety course bill fails

 House Bill 1144 and Senate Bill 5232, which were companion bills, failed to get traction.  They would have required, going forward, that someone in WA state who wished to purchase a firearm, would have to complete a gun safety course. They would also have to renew that in five years.

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Both bills also contained some transfer fees as well as additional related steps for a gun buyer to navigate as well as law enforcement.

Both bills contained similar language, this is from the official WA State legislature synopsis of SB 5232:

"Prohibits a firearms dealer from transferring any firearm to a purchaser
or transferee until the results of a background check indicate the person
is eligible to possess firearms, and ten days have elapsed since the dealer
requested the background check.

Prohibits firearm dealers from transferring a firearm to a purchaser or
transferee unless the person provides proof of completion of a certified
firearms safety training program or proof of exemption.

Requires a firearms application and record of transfer for all firearm
transfers. Updates the firearm transfer and background check process to
conform with the implementation of a state firearms background check

Both bills failed to make it out of their respective necessary committees. The House Bill was referred to committee, but they took no action prior to the 'drop-dead' date for bills in Olympia.

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