Authorities say a new cellphone case craze sweeping the nation, and Pacific Northwest, is not a great idea.

You've probably seen the new pistol-shaped cellphone case that when worn on a belt or belt loop makes the owner appear to be carrying a weapon.

Police departments from Seattle to Tempe from Florida to New Mexico are issuing statements urging consumers to think twice before buying one.  One department said officer's jobs are hard enough without having to worry about making a split-second decision over somebody wearing what's not really a gun, but looks like one.

Supporters say honest, law abiding citizens should have nothing to fear from law enforcement, and to discourage or try to ban such cases is an infringement upon person rights.

One gun store owner says it's the right of a person to walk around with a weapon as long as they are properly certified and checked. But he wouldn't want his son carrying his cellphone in a case that makes it look like he's "packing."



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