One would think his business is booming, and it's due to a perfectly legal loophole in Washington state's new semi-automatic weapons restrictions, part of the new law banning anyone under 21 from possession or buying a gun.

The owner of Talos Tactical in West Richland, Mike Cieslar, continues to sell semi-automatic weapons to individuals between the ages of 18 and 21 (provided they pass all the backround checks) because of a loophole.

Intended or not, despite the new restrictions that people under 21 cannot buy such weapons, Ciesler says the official legal definition of a semi-automatic rifle or weapon will not be 'created' or put on the books until July 1st. Therefore, there cannot be restrictions on something that 'doesn't exist,'

The so-called term 'assault rifle' will not exist until the rest of the initiative goes into effect. The gun ban went into effect January 1st, but the 'assault weapon' or semi-automatic clause doesn't kick in until mid summer.

Cieslar says the law is horribly and poorly written, and ends up depriving legal responsible citizens from owning firearms, and it won't have any effect on criminal firearms activity.

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