BCSO believes Hanford 'gunfire' was from construction tools (Amazon)
BCSO believes Hanford 'gunfire' was from construction tools (Amazon)


It appears following an exhaustive investigation by Benton County Deputies and Detectives, the 'gunfire' reported at Hanford on Wednesday was from construction work.

Deputies Say air hammers, or other compressor-run tools likely produced gunfire like sounds

Initially at 10:40 AM alerts were sent out to various workers on their phones within the Hanford security system that read:

 "Active Assailant at 2750E in 200 East Area. Affected employees prepare to run hide fight. Employees in nearby buildings are to lockdown and prepare to run hide fight. All others stay away."

Authorities did not specify what workers were sent the alert, or areas they worked at. BCSO, who handles law enforcement for Hanford, raced to the 200 E Area, specifically the Washington River Protection Services building.

  After several hours of searching and securing the building and surrounding area, no evidence found of any gunfire or related activity

BCSO said they believe someone or multiple persons were using an air hammer or other loud compression tool that can produce a loud popping or cracking noise similar to a firearm. It's believed that prompted the person or persons to call in the active shooter warning.

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No word on if or when Hanford will release further information about what specifically, or who triggered the alarm.


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