Perhaps I am dating myself, but when I was a child, Oreo's were pretty simple! (Image courtesy of Oreo's Facebook page).

In our humble opinion,  the chocolate cookie with cream filling was perfect.  Twist them apart and scrape the filling off with your teeth,  or dunk them in milk for a few seconds - but not TOO long, or they'd mush up and fall in.

But over the last few years,  Nabisco, the maker of the favorite cookie, have gone waaay out there with some of the flavors.  And now, with the pending introduction of  Caramel Apple Oreo's we thought we'd share some of the more bizarre offerings.

We understood it when they came out with the 'vanilla' or creme flavored outsides.   But some of their creations are just bit much.  Apparently Fox News thinks so as well, as back in June they presented some of the more bizarre flavors.

They have included, in no particular order:

  • Root beer float creme, with vanilla cookie outside
  • Limeaid creme, with vanilla cookie.
  • Cookie dough creme, with chocolate cookie
  • Marshmallow creme, with vanilla cookie
  • Candy corn creme (?!?) with vanilla cookie
  • Birthday cake creme with chocolate cookie

But some other flavors have been created and marketed for overseas consumers. Did you know in China and other parts of Asia, the creme filling has been made in orange-mango,  raspberry and even green tea flavors?  Yikes!

And now, very soon, Caramel Apple flavored creme Oreo's will be available.   While some of these have been pretty tasty, we can't help but be drawn back to the original.   After all, that's why they call it "Milk's Favorite Cookie!"   and for good reason.

We're going to stay old-school on this one.



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