We had a chance this week to talk with Dr. Richard Jacobs, a former Richland High school alumni, who is one of the participants in the upcoming Concussion Summit being held in Richland by the Kadlec Neurological Resource Center. This important free event is for parents, coaches, medical professionals, and anyone who wants to learn more about this growing issue.

Concussions, or complications resulting from blows to the body or head that cause brain and neurological issues, have always been a part of life, says Dr. Jacobs.  They're not just about sports.  But in the last few years, increased emphasis has been placed upon why we need to study, identify and properly treat them.

Dr. Jacobs says it's not just NFL and professional athletes who suffer them.  It's everyone in everyday life.  This free Concussion Summit will educate and inform the public about what concussions are, how they occur, how to identify signs someone may had had one, and how to properly treat them.

Registration is required, but it's free.  Guest presenters at this summit, which will take place May 20th at the Red Lion Hotel in Richland at 6:30pm, include Dr. Stan Herring, one of the team physicians for the Mariners and Seahawks, and a leading world-wide authority on concussions.  To get information and register, go to kadlec.org/knrc  or call (509)-943-8455.  Hurry, space is filling up fast!

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