A Facebook group who call themselves 'Unbound Tri-Cities' held a protest at Griggs Ace Hardware Department store in Pasco Sunday afternoon.

The event was largely uneventful, but loud. The group numbers appeared to be close to the 25 or so persons who indicated on their event post that they would be attending.

There were probably 2-3 times as many active 'shoppers' (supporters) in the parking lot, folks showing flags and Back The Blue signs as there were protesters.

No doubt the heavy police presence helped add stability to the situation. Shortly after the protest began around 3PM a long string of Pasco Police units rolled up, and officers patrolled the sidewalks to ensure there was not confrontation between the group and backers of the police.

The group claimed the methods used to apprehend a would-be shoplifter a couple of weeks ago was "brutality," and they're the same group that read off a list of "demands" for defunding Police in our area earlier this summer in Columbia Park. Note in one of the images the sign that reads "Eat The Rich."

This video and images shared by permission via a Tri City Republicans member who allowed us to use it.

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