As part of the Community Day of Service in the Tri-Cities (It's held every Mid-June) our staff at our Townsquare Media radio stations always goes down the road to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, and helps walk the dogs. It's located at 1312 South 18th Ave, just off A street by the Pasco baseball fields.

We spend some time with the pups, and find out there's lots of wonderful animals waiting for their forever home.  Our home has three of them, our two chihuahuas and one min pin are all rescue dogs. Especially our little tan dog Caesar, he runs the house and people in Burbank can hear his bark. That's him below, after we got him from the Shelter.

Rescue dog Caesar, after we brought him home from Animal Shelter (Townsquare media
Rescue dog Caesar, after we brought him home from Animal Shelter (Townsquare media

Caesar was a rescue dog from the shelter a couple of summers ago.  We believe rescue animals make some of the best pets, because they're so loyal and enjoy company.

Such is the case with Kazi, the three-legged pit bull.   A while back he was brought to the shelter, somebody found him alongside the road. He'd been hit by a car, and his left rear leg was so shattered it had to be amputated. But rather than just put him down, the staff fought to bring him back to health. And boy did they.

Kazi would do well in a big yard, he's not mean but doesn't do well with other animals because he wants to play with them and he scares them.  When I went to put his leash on, it took five minutes because he was so happy jumping around and trying to play.

He has a big heart, would probably spend hours playing tug of war with a dog rope. His demeanor would be great for a family with slightly older grade school or middle school kids. Despite only having 3 legs, he's a strong dude! He walked he, not the other way around. He might knock over little people because he's energetic. I can only imagine how strong he was with four legs, let alone 3.

Find out more about Kazi and the other great animals by clicking here.

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