For those worried about football overlapping with baseball and track, and volleyball overlapping softball, here's what the WIAA (Washington State Interscholastic Activities Association) has done with high school sports.

For the first time in WA State history, football will be in spring. The WIAA has come up with a four quarter approach. Here's how it lays out:

WIAA will go with a 4-season calendar:

  • Season 1: XC, slowpitch SB, G swim & dive, golf, tennis (Season runs Sept. 14 to Nov.7)
  • Season 2: BB, bowling, B swim & dive, gymnastics, cheer, wrestling (Season runs January 4 through March 6) 
  • Season 3: VB, G soccer, 1B/2B B soccer, FB (Season runs March 8 through May 1) 
  • Season 4: tennis, softball, T&F, baseball, golf, B soccer, dance/drill (Season Runs May 3 through June 26). 

Practices for these fall sports will begin September 7. Now, some of this will be predicated on what Phase a county is in. Depending upon the confusing myriad of requirements from the WSDOH and Gov. Inslee, some school districts might be behind or ahead of others.

But for football, volleyball and girls soccer, this will be a dramatic change as they have always been a fall sport.  Also, the WIAA says any participation will depend upon each county's progression through Gov. Inslee's 'safe start' plan. So, HS sports could end up on the ash heap like virtually every other major sporting, societal and other landmark event in WA state since Mid March.



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