As the 2023 WA state legislative session begins, the Washington State GOP has created a new website to help citizens keep 'watch'

  The website tracks what's happening with bills, and votes

 The website lists a variety of topics including how to get involved, how to influence legislators, view pre-filed bills, how to contact your legislators and others, and more.

It also lists the GOP priorities for this session, and to make it even easier, there are two drop-down menus listing "bad bills" and "good bills."

Some of the bad pieces of legislation, in the eyes of the GOP, include the various gun bills being proposed by Democrats, actions concerning the liability of police and law enforcement, and a bill concerning local governments' authority when it comes to firearms.

 Some of the 'good' bills include legislation that would re-hire state workers fired over COVID vax mandates, restore police pursuits, and more options for parents for their children's education with a scholarship program that could help with private or homeschooling.

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These good and bad bill lists also include a link where you can directly comment on the legislation.

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