Franklin County suspects ID'd, one in custody (FCSO)
Franklin County suspects ID'd, one in custody (FCSO)

Less than 36 hours after posting four remarkably good surveillance images, Deputies say 1 suspect is already in custody. This is why businesses-citzens should invest in good quality digital surveillance equipment.

Three other County burglary suspects have been identified

Originally these suspects were sought in connection with a series of break-ins in the Eltopia area of Franklin County.

Deputies posted these clear images and indicated they were looking for leads. No word which specific buildings were broken into but now the response has been swift.

  One of the suspects is in custody

One was caught, and now the other three have been identified. Deputies didn't say who are they because of the ongoing investigation, but they thanked the public for the leads.

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Perhaps area businesses should reach out to the FCSO and find out what brand of cameras these folks were using!


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