Have you ever wondered why traffic issues, even in the Columbia Basin, never seemed to get resolved when it comes to anything involving a state highway?

Case in point: Highway 395 through Kennewick. After you leave the Blue Bridge south, you crawl up the hill to Kennewick, where it often takes 15-20 minutes (or even longer) to navigate past Clearwater, Kennewick Ave. up through 10th.  Vice Versa coming the same way North towards Pasco.

That's one of the worst areas in our region, but it doesn't seem to be getting addressed.

It could be, according to SHIFTWA says, that the Washington State Department of Transportation has stopped monitoring and measuring traffic delays across the state.

SHIFTWA authors say such research and study stopped as far back as 2014. They argue the state can't solve -- or at least try to remedy -- traffic congestion issues and related safety concerns if they aren't measuring the growing delay problems.

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