As we all know, spring means increased traffic that's in and out, including pets, guests, sports teams etc.  Your floors and carpet get worse than they were in the winter. But you might not know, dirty carpets aren't good for  your health. IF ONLY you knew what was really in your carpet, you would call Zerorez TODAY!

Dander, pollen pet hair, all decide to snuggle in your carpet, and even the strongest powered vacuums won't get the gunk out. Forget about using that heavy, clunky soap machine you rent to way too much money from the home improvement store. Studies have shown they dump as much soap and gunk in the carpets as they take out.

And, because they're NOT strong enough, they don't pull stains, germs and dirt from the carpet base. They can actually make stains worse in the carpet pad. That's why they COME BACK time after time.

But Zerorez uses a patented electrostatic charging process to turn ordinary clean water into a soap-like cleaning 'monster.'  Their vacuum runs off the 350 or 400 cubic inch engine in their van, so it will conquer dirt, gunk, hair and more in the carpet.

First, they pre-treat with a safe, non-toxic spray to loosen up hair, dirt, germs and more.

Then, their Brushmaster machine pulls out hair and dirt even before they vacuum. This roller machine is more powerful than the strongest vacuums you see on TV!


Then, they go over every area with the cleaning vacuum. Using the specially charged water, it pulls up any dirt, hair, dander etc. And because it's WATER, it dries in just a few hours or LESS!.

Make sure to call Zerorez at (509)-582-9000 and ask about their Spring Special, or look them up on the web at   Seriously, your carpets will look almost as good as they did when you moved in your home, or replaced them.  Your health and that of your family deserves the best...that comes from Zerorez.

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