A New Hampshire woman named Lisa Merrifield graduated from Hermiston High School in 1987. Her mother bought her a class ring and necklace. In the early 1990s the ring was in a purse stolen out of her car while she played softball. That was the end of the story until Super Librarian got a call...Delia Wallis is the Hermiston High School librarian. A few months ago she got a call from Carol Cima, a Portland woman whose son-in-law found a HHS class ring in a car at a wrecking yard. The woman tried to find the original owner herself but gave up and called Hermiston High asking for help.

Wallis took the case.

With nothing more to go on than the initials LKB inscribed in the ring, she painstakingly scoured every year book going back decades. She only found one name that could possibly be "LKB." What's even better is the suspected LKB was wearing a class ring in the yearbook photo!!!!!!!

Wallis put Merrifield and the Portland woman together and the ring was shipped. Merrifield says it's like receiving the gift from her mother twice... this time a gift from the grave since the mother has passed.

[Source: Hermiston Herald]