American Daredevils will be seen starting in September on The History Channel!

A stunt performer who has blown himself up and jumped a school bus at the Hermiston Super Oval is coming to The History Channel this fall.

Mike Buse, known as Mr. Dizzy, has been setting numerous world records for stunt performances in categories nobody else has been willing to try. It's one thing to jump a motorcycle over school buses, Buse jumps the school bus! 

He has jumped school buses, limos... and rumors are he is considering a dump truck.

Mr. Dizzy has performed three times over the last two seasons at Hermiston Super Oval,  most recently a few weeks ago when he blew himself and his assistant up in a minivan full of gunpowder and racing fuel! Last season he jumped a school bus over a row of old RV campers at the track with "demolishing" and debris-scattering results!

Buse got the attention of The History Channel a few years ago and was featured on a show called Wreckreaction Nation where he set a world record for jumping a limousine over 107 feet. The same producer who created Deadliest Catch is producing the show, and 16 episodes have been purchased and scheduled. Buse got his start racing at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe and now travels the country with The Crusher (Josh Beckel) and Corey "The Headache" Howell -- his stunt sidekicks.

The Crusher was inside the mini-van with Buse when they detonated themselves earlier this season in Hermiston. He is set to return later this summer for more stunts at the racetrack!

Look for American Daredevils  this fall on The History Channel. Here is what it looked like from the tower at Hermiston Super Oval when Mr. Dizzy set it off!



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