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Saying his courtroom is not the proper venue to address the issue, a Kitsap County Judge has declined a hearing concerning former President Donald Trump.

  The hearing would have challenged Trump's eligibility

The filing was made in Kitsap County last week, according to Like similar arguments that are being attempted in other areas of the country, this one tried to use the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to disqualify Trump.

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Petitioners claimed anyone who engaged in an insurrection cannot hold office unless they get two-thirds approval from the Congressional House and Senate. Opponents point out that Trump has never been formally charged with any such alleged insurrection attempts.

According to, the petitioners indicated they would try again, this time filing in Thurston County, probably sometime next week. The Kitsap case was filed by 8 voters in the county. The group indicated they are not strongly tied to any activist group or effort.

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