Courtesy of Ken Marin, via Tri-Cities Most Wanted and Local News (Facebook). (used by permission).

These images and video were taken over the weekend (Sunday) as a wildfire sprang up along Highway 395 near Lind.

It appeared, said sources, the fire 'hopped' from place to place, perhaps burning materials blown by breezes. With record high temps this week, our fire danger is off the charts. We don't know what triggered it, but it appeared to be moving fast before being bought under control.

Fire appeared to be in clumps, 'hopping' from spot to spot (Ken Marin)

Be careful with any activities outdoors that could produce heat or sparks. It doesn't take much, and fires spread fast.

If you're mowing a dry field, or doing other types of landscaping involving power equipment (especially gas-powered) use caution; and it doesn't hurt to have a water source nearby in case anything flares up. Fire danger all over Eastern WA is high.


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