A man is facing serious charges after driving drunk over twice the speed limit, rear ending a man in a golf cart killing him, then driving away hitting another car, and then hiding from police. That man, 49 year old Ty Fuller, has pleaded not guilty to charges of vehicular homicide, failure to remain at a fatal accident, third-degree assault and failure to remain at an injury accident according to news reports.

The man on the golf cart who died, Gary Moody, could be regularly seen driving around the neighborhood on his golf cart. Another unnamed passenger on the golf cart was taken to the Hospital along with the driver of another car that was sideswiped when Fuller tried to get away. Police say that Fuller was going between 60-80 miles per hour when he struck the golf cart from behind. After the accident, Fuller ran to his girlfriends house and hid until she convinced him to surrender to police.

Fuller's bail was set at 1 million dollars at the recommendation of the Deputy Prosecutor.

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