Hermiston police Wednesday are growing weary of a certain transient who's behavior has become more disruptive and threatening over time.

Shortly before 1pm, 62-year-old Richard J. Mills walked into the Stafford Hansell Building and the Eastern Oregon Higher Education Center in Hermiston with what appeared to be a pistol. They turned out to be air pistols, but very realistic looking.

Officers located him, and when they arrived, he began yelling and raising a ruckus. He was immediately taken into custody, and police issued the following statement, made by Chief Jason Edmiston:

“We have dealt with Mr. Mills numerous times over the last several years.  His demeanor and aggressiveness with our officers during those incidents, continues to escalate.  The decision by Mr. Mills to walk around the courthouse and ultimately into the education building is very unfortunate as there were numerous people inside.  Our officers responded appropriately and took immediate action.”

No word was given of the exact charges filed against Mills, but it's obvious he's well known to police in the area. One wonders if he's a transient, how he was able to procure the two Airsoft pistols he was carrying.

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