Look out for those dangerous soccer moms in the crowd!

Janet "Big Sis" Nepolitano, the Homeland Security Secretary, has expanded the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign to include sporting events!

She met with New York Port Commissioner Raymond Kelly Monday to announce efforts by DHS to spread the word to fans at sporting events across the country. Apparently the NBA and Major League Soccer are also joining in the effort. Nepolitano is urging fans to report to security or police if they see suspicious activity at sporting events regardless of their venue or size.

While we have always welcomed the public paying attention to what is going on around them and being vigilant, the "See Something, Say Something" campaign has been under fire since its inception as critics say it's just another government excuse to expand their prying eyes into citizens privacy - using other citizens as the information gathering source.

The program is not new,  it's been around for nearly two years. What is especially disturbing -- and what DHS is not telling people -- is that they have been monitoring political and private opposition to the "See Something, Say Something" program.

Recently hundreds of DHS documents were released by way of a Freedom of Information Act petition that show Homeland Security actively tracked several groups and websites who were openly opposing the program. The Feds even labeled one of the websites as "right-wing terrorism."

Nepolitano didn't get her nickname "Big Sis" because of her warm and fuzzy nature;  it's from a number of programs and initiatives (such as this) that attempt to pry into the privacy, activities and lives of Americans under the excuse of protecting us from "domestic" terrorism.

So watch out for that eccentric grandmother at your kid's next baseball or football game -- she might be up to something!

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