By design, every season, the Americans spend a LOT of time on the road in September and October, then in November, through end of season, we're heavily loaded with home games.

GM Bob Tory cleverly 'does that' so when it's crunch time, playoff stretch drive, they're not slogging through the Eastern Conference on a bus on a two lane highway in January or February.

So that means lots of ways to win our tickets. Here's how!

  • Be listening closely on air.  we might prompt you to call our studio at (509)-547-8726, or message us on Facebook.
  • Watch our Facebook.  we might have you comment on a post to win.
  • Watch your Newstalk Mobile App.  keep the alerts turned on...we might have you call the studio or message us on Facebook.

Regardless, just pay attention to Newstalk, our Facebook, Mobile App, and of course, listen, to win!   From your home for Americans hockey, Newstalk870 KFLD!

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