"The legislature plans to continue the important work of dismantling institutional racism in public schools and recognizes the importance of increasing equity, diversity, inclusion, antiracism, and cultural competency training throughout the entire public school system by providing training programs for classified staff, certificated instructional staff, certificated administrative staff, superintendents, and school directors that will be provided in an ongoing manner.”

---From the text of Senate Bill 5044, which passed the legislature and was signed by Gov. Inslee.

The bill is commonly referred to as the "critical race theory" bill, CRT is an idea that has grown out of Marxist ideology. It pushes the beliefs that "equity" can only be achieved in society by redistributing wealth and opportunity.

It also instills theories that society is "systemically racist," meaning racism is built into the blueprint of how our lives are conducted. It also believes there are no public policies that are not "non-racist."

Some even take it as far as to say that just by being a non-minority, a person is 'born' racist. Pasco Association of Educators President Scott Wilson entered the CRT arena earlier this year when he said parents who desire their children to return to in-person education in the Pasco School were exercising "white privilege."  One of his comments was as follows during the January 12 Pasco School Board Meeting:

"We must not ignore the culture of white supremacy and white privilege."

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The bill requires school districts utilize at least three training days to instruct educators in the areas of "cultural competency, diversity, equity and inclusion."

However, opponents of CRT say it will actually foster more divisiveness because it teaches students-children to judge people according to the color of their skin and their ethnic background. Some suggest it's even reverse-racism; using ethnic, color, and other factors to determine policy--instead of equal and fair systems for all students regardless of their backgrounds.

Inslee signing the bill has made national news from a number of media outlets.

We have reached out to the Public Information Officers and PR departments of the Richland, Pasco and Kennewick School Districts and asked them if or how this bill will be implemented in classrooms.

We will update you when we hear more information.


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