Just how windy did it get over the last few days in the Columbia Basin and The Yakima Valley? Reports had wind speeds up to 82 MPH.

Our friend Mark Ingalls at Ingalls Weather Together documented the various wind speeds with the fastest being 82 MPH as reported at the top of Rattlesnake Mountain. The next fastest reported winds are at Helix, which is close to Pendleton at 74 MPH.

The lower areas like the Columbia Basin also reported record winds. Prescott reported 67,  Handford 65, Horn Rapids reported 62 MPH and the Tri-Cities still clocked in a record 59 MPH.

The wind caused several accidents because of visibility, blowing tumbleweeds, trees knocked over and power out in Prosser and areas of Adams County.

Looking ahead, the weather is a lot calmer with lows in the 20's and highs in the '50s over the next few days so we at least getting a reprieve from the wind before it kicks up again at the start of spring.

You can check out more records and details on the weather with Mark Ingalls here.

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