A Hermiston pastor who ran for Umatilla County Commissioner in May received a threatening, shocking letter.

Jonathan Lopez, who is an associated pastor at Hermiston's Living Springs Apostolic Church and also is the head of the area Einstein Learning Center, ran for one of the three commission seats, but did not advance past the primary May 19. However, officials say the vote tallies were very close.

Lopez, who describes himself as an independent conservative leaning figure, also has served in the Coast Guard. He's been active in politics and societal issues in the area as well. He is considered by many to be a moderate but socially conscious faith-based individual politically.

The letter contains numerous misspellings, and a person would conclude the write hasn't really studied Lopez's political stances.

The letter says in part:

"Your (sp) not welcome here and will never be anything in this community or state...don't waste your time trying to become anything in this country or state we will make sure you never win..."  It goes on to threaten his family, and use various racial and sexual epithets to describe him. We've left out a lot due to censorship needs.

After reading it a few times, it's also obvious the sender is trying to intimidate him, and troll his political efforts. The letter has been turned over to Hermiston Police, who are investigating along with the Umatilla County Sheriff's office. It was apparently received earlier this week, as he shared the letter and information on Tuesday.

To see the Facebook page with the letter (uncensored) click on the button below.

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