A Kennewick man who had a protection order against him quickly discovered that the Kennewick Police have no problem removing him from a threatening situation.

Cory Botts found out quickly that making idle threats with a protection order means that both Pasco Police and Kennewick Police will respond in kind.

According to reports from the Kennewick Police Department, here is the breakdown of the case against Cory Botts:

When a judge issues a protection order it’s intended to do as its name says. Protect those from others who may intend to cause harm.

They are a meaningful tool to help persuade those who otherwise might continue to harass, threaten or harm those involved.

Sometimes individuals looking to harm others won’t let a judge’s order get in their way.

Over the last two days, 42-year-old Cory Botts has been allegedly threatening harm to two victims who have an order protecting them from Botts.

Pasco Police has also been dealing with Botts making threats to other people.

KPD and PPD worked together to find Botts but initially were unable to.

On Saturday night Botts followed the two victims to a fuel station in Kennewick and threatened to kill them.

Botts utilized the slit of the throat motion with his hand to emphasize this.

Through investigation, KPD officers were able to locate Botts at a home in Kennewick. K9 Ivan and some on-duty SWAT members responded to assist.

Officers contained the house and Officer Safranek (great lateral pick up from Seattle) was able to talk Botts out of the home and peacefully surrender. Botts was booked on Felony Harassment and two counts of an order violation.
Kennewick Police posted the altercation on their Facebook page reminding folks that if you have a protection order against you, the best course of action is to follow it.
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