US Customs and Border Patrol over the years have come across a lot of bizarre attempts to smuggle contraband into the US, not just drugs.

  Customs agents seize thousands in fake title rings.

No doubt these were going to be targeted towards sports collectors. CBP agents in Rochester, New York at the US port of entry came across a suspicious large box in late April.

CBP is able to use x-ray type tech to scan the contents of many items, and often they set aside suspicious items for further inspection.

That was the case here, and inside this crate, they found hundreds of fake sports championship rings, including Super Bowl rings for the 49'rs, Raiders, Redskins, Giants, and Patriots. They also found NBA rings for the Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers, plus Syracuse University NCAA rings.

Along with the rings were several counterfeit championship mini trophies. The items were very realistic but had fake trademarks. CBP was able to compare trademarks from legitimate championship items and noticed the discrepancies.

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CBP said the approximate street value of the items, or MSRP would have been around $10K for all the gear.


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