Benton County Sheriffs have two reminders for winter drivers.

With the Snowmageddon, they say the number of tickets being issued for unclean windshields has risen sharply as it has for city police and others.

Sometimes when we're in a hurry (we've done it too!) we scrape off a plate sized portion of the windshield, then hope the defroster on blast will clean the rest while we hunch forward and drive.

Law enforcement officials say the windshield must be at least 3/4 clear, or from post to post even if there's some ice or gunk on the top.  Sometimes it's a judgement call, but there clearly has to be visibility for the driver.

One thing for sure. This vehicle pictured in our story is NOT legal, and if an officer sees you driving like that, you're likely to get a citation.

The other reminder? While you're warming up your vehicle (Unless you have a remote starter which allows doors to remain unlocked) DO NOT leave yours unattended, unlocked and running. Officials have seen another cold weather spike in vehicle thefts for this very reason.

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