Pasco Police have not only nailed a Connell man for alleged ID theft and fraud, but also drugs.

Monday, a Kennewick resident reported he'd lost his wallet. He'd put stops on his cards, and done the smart thing to cancel them and notify bank. He then used fraud attempt alerts to help track his own cards.

One of the alerts told him the card had just been declined in Pasco Tuesday evening. He alert Pasco Police who met him at the convenience store in question. At the store, the man and officers found inside a "kind of customer" with a large "pile" of unpaid hot dogs and Slurpee drinks (likely 7-11).

The man did slip out, but was quickly located. 49-year-old  Robert Lee Henry Jr of Connell was not only arrested for being in possession of the stolen cards, but officers also found numerous kinds of drug paraphernalia on him.

He's now facing a slew of charges in the Franklin County jail. Aside from the cards, the rest of the wallet has not yet been recovered.

One of these pictures from Pasco PD is actual body carmera footage of the controntation and arrest of the suspect.


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