Animals, even domesticated pets, are tough, resilient, and survivors!

Oregon authorities report a bull mastiff that wandered away from his family July 4 in the Cascadia woods of Oregon has been found, and is alive and well.

A family hiking Saturday in the Cascadia area found the dog on a hillside in steep terrain.  They hiked out to call the Linn County Sheriff, then hiked back to stay with the animal.

The Sheriff remembered seeing a poster for a missing dog named Madison, and several of the flyers had been posted near the Seven Mile Horse Camp shortly after July 4th.

Other than being weak and hungry, authorities report Madison was alert, wide awake, and has now been reunited with his family.

The family who found the dog stayed in the woods with him overnight, until help could arrive to carry the weakened dog out of some very tough terrain.

We all need a feelgood story now and then, don't we?



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