If it weren't so tragic in terms of taxpayer dollars wasted,  the bankrupt Solyndra solar panel/energy company would be the perfect fit for the popular website failblog.org.

The website, which coined the famous buzzwords "epic fail", features pictures of  failures from all walks of life.  Solyndra could now be one of them.  The 'green energy' company that was the poster child for Obama's green jobs program is set to have it's equipment auctioned off, and a potential buy for it's CA factory is set to take over the building.

  The company, who abruptly canned over 1,100 workers and has triggered an ongoing Federal investigation into it's hundreds of millions of government loans, made solar panel technology.  Now, by the end of the year, a buyer is expected to be finalized for it's massive factory which covers over 411,000 square feet.   Fox News recently was allowed a tour of the defunct facility;  giving taxpayers a glimpse at where their hard earned money went.  Click here to see the pictures for yourself.  In the words of the famous mishap website,  'epic fail.'

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