Olympia is buzzing this week after it was learned that one of Gov. Jay Inslee's appointees to the Housing Finance Commission 'omitted' (some say lied) on his application, failing to list a 2005 domestic violence conviction that gave him a year in jail.

Noe Castillo Jr. was appointed to the commission last November by Inslee, but had to wait til now to be officially confirmed by the Senate Housing Stability and Affordabability Committee before it became official.

According to Senate Republicans, Castillo Jr. did list a 2002 Assault -4- charge on his application, but omitted a 2005 domestic violence conviction. According to the application, the 2002 charge occurred in Franklin County.  The 2005 charge resulted in him getting a year in jail, a year of community supervision, a $500 fine and was ordered to have no contact with his wife. Castillo Jr. has been a key rising figure in the Carptener's Union since 1994 in Washington state.

Some are saying he intentionally omitted the second conviction, others say he was not thoroughly vetted by Inslee. Castillo Jr. was unanimously approved by Democrats on the Committee, clearing the way for him to join the Housing Finance Commission.

Senator Mark Schoesler (GOP-Ritzville and Senate Republican leader) issued this statement:

“I have zero tolerance for someone who abuses his wife, Even though the chair of the committee was told of Mr. Castillo’s omission and the nature of his crime, the committee continued with the confirmation process. Absolutely unacceptable. His rap sheet and his deception should automatically disqualify him from a gubernatorial nomination. And I’m even more disappointed in the governor for his poor judgment.”

Senator Randy Becker, (GOP-Olympia) issued this remark:

“If public officials are held to a higher standard, so too are the governor’s nominees for positions like a seat on the Housing Finance Commission,. His nomination should have been withdrawn the second the domestic violence conviction came to light. How can the governor and the Senate Democrats claim to fight for women and victims when they elevate convicted abusers to higher office?”

Legislators are calling the approval 'hypocritical,' given Democratic leaders frequently calling for the resignation of several GOP legislators over allegedly controversial statements about media and reporters in the last year.

Legislators checked Castillo Jr's record after what they felt were inconsistencies in his application and throughout the process. They found the second conviction information in the Washington State Patrol WATCH rapsheet.

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