You may recall last August and fall when many across the country were falling victim to respiratory ailments reportedly linked to vaping, Gov. Inslee signed an Executive Order banning the sale of flavored vaping products in Washington state. These are ones that differ from the 'stock' nicotine flavored base liquids.

The ban is still in place, but if a proposed bill passes, it would remain permanent. Introduced by two West Side senators, Patty Kurderer and Anette Cleveland, the bill was proposed by Gov. Inslee.  Governors cannot formally introduce bills, but they can find legislators to (if they choose) introduce legislation to accomplish what they want.

Senate Bill 6254 and it's House companion HB 2454, would permanently ban the sale of such products in the state. In addition, if it passes, the bill would:

  • Place limits on the amount of nicotine in vapor products,
  • Require a manufacturing license for any business producing these products,
  • Require ingredient disclosure to the Department of Health and
  • Place new limits on the marketing of vapor products.

It is believed the illnesses were linked to Vitamin E, either natural or manufactured, that was being added to the vaping solutions to thicken them. E can be of course taken internally via the normal digestion system. But very little if any research has ever been done to determine it's effects on the lungs when inhaled as vapor.  Researchers say it's a "strong culprit" in the respiratory issues seen across the country.

While critics acknowledge this, it's the principle of the bill that has many once again saying Big Government is overstepping it's bounds. Critics and opponents question how will the state place "new limits" on how vaping products are marketed, and how will they regulate the "limits" on nicotine levels in the solutions?

Critics also say people will just buy them online, or travel out of state to obtain the flavors from vendors who can still sell them.

Given the state House and Senate are Democrat controlled, it's likely this may pass.

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