Albert Einstein once said: " insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results."

Perhaps, according to growing numbers of critics, Jay Inslee should heed this advice, and just abandon his campaign. According to the lineup released this week for the upcoming CNN climate change debate for Democratic presidential hopefuls, WA Gov. Jay Inslee has not been invited.

According to Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM in Seattle and CNN, the top 9 are slated to appear, or were at least invited. But because Gov. Inslee is still polling at or near -0-, he will not. In general he's considered the most involved in climate change, he based his entire Presidential campaign on the subject.

But despite crisscrossing the country (at WA taxpayers expense-security) and receiving a lot of money from selected environmental groups, he hasn't even generated a ripple in the national or even regional political scheme. He's also facing mounting pressure over spending millions on his WSP security detail that costs taxpayers money.

Rantz bluntly stated this latest slap-down was a humiliation by CNN. In order to participate, a candidate has to have scored at least two percent in national polls. Inslee can't, says Rantz, get to one percent let alone two.

It's time for him to just step down, and stop burning taxpayer dollars with his security detail, and get back to more pressing issues, like the cesspool that Seattle is turning into with it's rampant homeless and crime problem, say critics.

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