The actual New Hampshire Primary is not until February of 2020, but it's one of a number of states (for reasons too long to explain) that acts as a barometer for Presidential elections; along with South Carolina, Iowa and others.

But a new poll surveying hundreds of perspective registered voters in the Granite State shows 7 of the 20-member Democratic primary group failed to get even a single first choice  mention.  The Week online says the poll was conducted by Suffolk University and the Boston Globe, surveying some 500 people between August 1 and 4th.

While Joe Biden held down the top at 21.4% and Sanders, Warren and Harris following behind, Gov. Jay Inslee was one of 7 who didn't get a single first place vote.

Inslee has manged to meet the criteria to get into the "B" debate recently, held the night before the "A" list candidates (such as Biden, Bernie, Warren and Harris).  But his numbers have stayed largely unchanged.

The Week suggests this new poll should serve as a nudge for these 7, and maybe even more, to drop out before they find themselves in an even more embarrassing position.

Meanwhile, Inslee has not been helped in the West or Pacific Northwest with all the sudden news coverage about how he's racked up over $580K in security detail cost defecits paid by WA state taxpayers from having to use Washington State Troopers when he's out of state campaigning.  Earlier this spring, when the news began to come out about the over runs, Inslee hinted he had no intention of paying it back--at least not soon. The State Patrol has initially had to 'borrow' or raid money from other WSP programs to foot this bill.

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