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In a move that will likely shake up the 2024 Presidential race, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced Monday, October 9th, that he is abandoning the Democratic Party.

Kennedy will continue to run as an independent.

According to the AP And other sources, Kennedy announced he was leaving the party his family was so long associated with.

He made his announcement from Independence Hall in Philadelphia, saying in part:

(there is a) “rising tide of discontent” in the country and said he wants to make a “new Declaration of Independence”  (

He said his new declaration is from the other two political parties, corporations and the media.

Kennedy, so far, has polled better with Republicans and some independents as opposed to Democrats. He has received some harsh criticism and opposition from his own party, largely because he does not agree with much of the party platform.

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Now that he has shifted from the Democratic party to being an independent, there is already speculation whether he is running as a spoiler towards both the GOP and Democrats. Kennedy addressed that by saying in part:

  “The truth is, they’re both right, my intention is to spoil it for both of them.”

While he and his family are known for being life-long Democrats, Kennedy has frequently pursued policies and ideas that lean him much more to the right. He was and continues to be an outspoken critic of COVID-19 vaccines, and has worked with and supported leaders and policies that sometimes conflicted with his party's own platform.

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